Monday, May 25, 2015


I can never seem to keep up with my blogs, haha. Once May hit it seemed as though i was living and breathing realty companies, trying to find the most comfortable home for our family. We currently rent, from a monster one could only dream up through a Disney movie, and well the time has come to move on and forward. We searched and searched, finding homes, apartments, you name it. we applied for a few, got accepted, got denied. all in all it was a fun and tiresome experience. We finally settled on a very large decadent apartment, with the most beautiful kitchen, but then something strange happened. The day after we paid our deposits i received word that my childhood home was coming available around the same time frame we were looking to move. A little known fact about myself, I've always dreamed of taking over that house, fixing it up and making it my own, for my family. Things just didn't fall into place back then, but now. now the universe has opened a door, and has allowed me the opportunity to snatch that baby up! I am so very grateful and awestruck by these beautiful blessings, knowing that it must be the right time, for the Universe has no problem not allowing it otherwise. I am very excited to get that house, it even has an in ground pool, which will be so wonderful for my kiddos to enjoy during this hot hot summer here in the south. it'll surely take some work, for the last tenants weren't very kind. but I'm more than up for the task, especially knowing I'm preserving many many years of my life and all the hard work my father originally put into the home to make it as beautiful as it was. So, yeah we went on an adventure, in circles if you will, winding up only where we started years ago trying to secure that property. Wonderful how the world works, isn't it? We will be moving very soon, and i'll be posting photos of befores and afters, naturally. We have already picked out the exterior paint, going to liven it up a bit, awaken it if you will. The hubs is planning some landscaping and i am of course already decorating and choosing paint in my mind for the interior. It's going to be a ball, and a beautiful home for our little family of four to GROW in ;) Packing however, well thats going to be an entirely different adventure. i loathe moving simply because of the packing, haha. All i can think it that in a couple months this will all be behind us and i won't have to worry about moving again for a long while! here is a photo of the house from when we lived in it, the foliage and trees are gone, but we will replace them. don't ask why someone would do such a thing, not everyone can appreciate and love Mother Earth and all she has to offer us.
until next time - cheers